C-2 for iPhone 4/4S Stream Line Design


13,200 円(JPYen)

In stock

Enjoy the unique light reflected from the toolmark. Each case is machined from solid aluminum, just like iPhone itself.

Each and every one is cut out from aluminum ingot, and CNC machined with craftsmanship. Its biggest mission is to protect your iPhone, and so look at the inside of the frame and you will see the protection technology involved.
Soft flowing lines will fit snugly in your hands. Minute care exerted in machining to create superb fiture.

body: 68 x 125 x 11.2
panel: 57.5 x 114 x 0.4
approx 22g
(Only black is approx 20g)
(with panel)
body: aluminumA5052
panel: polycarbonate
INCLUDES: 2 stainless-steel original bolts,
hex wrench, 、Back Protection Film for iPhone4/4S, 4 anti-slip cushion stickers
 There is no warranty for sales overseas. If there is no contact 7 days after the receipt of the product(s), we will assume that the product(s) reached you in good shape, without failure or damage, and so we will not accept return of goods or refunds.!


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